Frozen products 冷凍產品

Varieties of vegetarian frozen products

Dried Products 乾料產品

Varieties of dried vegetarian products that includes sauces, pastes, dried soy proteins and snacks

Products Catalogue 素食目錄

A quick version to view all vegetarian products. Download/Print the catalogue for your viewing anywhere, anytime

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Featured Product (新產品)

Featured Product

Crispy Yuba – Crispy bean curd wrapped with konjac filling aka vegetarian fish.  A very versatile dish where you can steam it and treat it as one of yum cha dish at home, or you can just air fry it

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Product Recommendation

Product recommendation – Crispy Slice

Crispy Slice This is a very versatile products. You may eat it as a snack or use it in almost every dishes eg; stir fry with any kind of vegetables, use as toppings for noodles or fried noodles/rice or even

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